I was born and raised on a farm in Iowa. When I was eight years old, I would draw horses on wood. My mother would cut them out because I was too small to use the saw. Then I would hitch up the four horses to my toy wagon. The Old West cowboys, buffalo, Native Americans, cattle drives and the frontier have always fascinated me. About 15 years ago I purchased a painting of the Old West (picture to the left) which then led to the purchase of antique cowboy memorabilia from the Old West era of 1865 - 1930. My collection still continues to grow to this day.

The Native Americans have also been of great interest to me. I came upon a CD called "The Sacred Journey" by Richard Stepp, a Cherokee Native American. The first song on the CD is "The Buffalo and Eagle". The buffalo represents strength and the eagle represents freedom, which is what all Native Americans wanted. An additional song on the CD, "Wounded Knee", inspired me to find an old Ghost Dance Dress. I built the Native American display around the dress, adding numerous additional artifacts.

If antiques could talk, what a story they could tell us. I have enjoyed adding memorabilia to my collection and love to share its history with others through rodeos, parades and other special events. If you share this same passion, or wish to learn of our country's early years, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Happy Trails,
Mervin & Nancy Levorson
Kevin Levorson

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